World War Z Price Drop Detailed on Epic Games Store in Saber CEO’s Statement

The CEO from Saber Interactive has issued a statement detailing the price drop for World War Z on the Epic Games Store.

While there’s a growing trend of the Epic Games Store grabbing as many games as they can, there’s also a trend in some games being reduced in price thanks to the tempting 88% revenue shareWorld War Z is one of these games to drop in price leading to Saber Interactive’s CEO to publish a statement regarding this.

Published onto the official Epic Games Store news page, Matthew Karch shares the reasoning behind the price drop of the upcoming World War Z title based on the 2015 film of the same name.

He starts off his statement by explaining that Saber Interactive chose to publish World War Z onto the Epic Games Store because “we believe it’s the best deal for players and developers”. He also brings up the revenue share, stating that games are costly to make and that being able to receive 88% instead of Valve’s 70% means that more can be invested into the title.

Due to the higher revenue share, they want to knock the price down on the Epic Games Store to $34.99 which is currently taking effect and will continue to remain that way post-launch. Those who had already pre-ordered the game when it was available for $39.99 will find themselves being refunded $5.

Karch also shares his opinion piece that was published to and shares some reasons why they chose to push the PC version of World War Z onto the Epic Games Store. One example from that article being, “From our perspective the Epic Games store is offering us — all of us — an opportunity to ultimately make better games.”

Another example from the article being:

“Given the success of Fortnite, Epic could simply rest on its laurels. But the aim is something more revolutionary: a healthy, much-needed injection of legitimate competition on the side of distribution platforms, with an entrant who can finally match the influence of Steam and bring down costs for developers across the board over time. In the short term, that means higher profits for those making games, but in the long run, it means more resources free to go back into development and innovation, a benefit for workers and players alike.” 

We’ve recently seen World War Z in action with a dramatic trailer showing team-based combat and we’re expecting it to arrive on the planned launch date on April 16 of this year. It’s going to be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC through the Epic Games Store.