10 best PS Now games that new subscribers should play

Sony recently dropped the price for PlayStation Now from $19.99 a month to just $9.99. That puts the game subscription and streaming service in line with Xbox Game Pass, and helps solidify it as a great value for any PlayStation owner. While it doesn’t feature all of Sony’s first-party hits, it has plenty of amazing games that are worth playing no matter what type of genres you prefer. Their catalog also spans three generations from Playstation 2 to current releases, so it’s a great way to finally get around to playing some of the great titles you missed. Check out 10 of the best PS Now games that new subscribers should play below.

10 Best PS Now Games | Abzu

Easily one of the most beautiful games on PlayStation 4, Abzu is a wonderful exploration game that takes players throughout the deep seas. The heavily stylized adventure is reminiscent of Journey, but manages to tell a story that is entirely its own. Getting to see the seas and its unique creatures is a real thrill, especially in such a gorgeous setting.

10 Best PS Now Games | Asura’s Wrath

best PS Now games

Asura’s Wrath is one of Capcom’s must under-appreciated gems. It’s one of the most unconventional games as much of its gameplay simply consists of quick-time events, but there are also solid action segments and boss fights interspersed throughout. The real highlight is the storytelling, as it has one of the most ridiculous narratives in all of gaming. It’s over-the-top, but filled with heart, and there is no other game quite like it.

10 Best PS Now Games | Batman: Arkham Asylum

best PS Now games

Despite receiving several sequels, the original Batman: Arkham Asylum is still arguably the best Batman game of the bunch. The smaller scale and darker atmosphere helps the superhero game feel grounded, and sneaking around an asylum full of iconic baddies provides a rewarding gameplay experience. If you wind up wanting even more action with Bruce Wayne then you’ll be happy to know that all of the sequels are on PS Now as well.

10 Best PS Now Games | Doom

best PS Now games

If you’re looking for a great first-person shooter to play, you can’t do much better than 2016’s Doom. To the surprise of most, id Software managed to create a new game in the iconic series that kept the speed and intensity of the original PC title. It has one of the best shooter campaigns in recent memory, rivaling the likes of Wolfenstein 2 and Titanfall 2, and some of its multiplayer modes are sneakily fun like the team-based freeze tag.

10 Best PS Now Games | God of War

best PS Now games

God of War is the best example of what Sony can provide in terms of exclusives that no other console manufacturer can. With incredible production values and tight gameplay, this wholly single-player title provides a captivating experience from beginning to end. Even if you found previous games in the series to be overly button-mashy, the redefined combat is much more satisfying in this Norse-themed sequel. The only downside to it being on PlayStation Now is that it has a limited availability as it will go away on January 2, 2020, so make sure to play it as soon as possible.

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10 Best PS Now Games | Grand Theft Auto 5

best PS Now games

Grand Theft Auto 5 is another newly added title that will go away on January 2, 2020. Despite originally releasing on PlayStation 3, this technical marvel is still one of the most impressive open worlds we’ve seen in gaming. Throw in an interesting story and more protagonists than ever before seen in a GTA title, and it’s easy to see why this is still a best-selling title in 2019.

10 Best PS Now Games | Infamous Second Son

best PS Now games

If you’re looking for a less-grounded open world experience, then you’ll want to check out Infamous Second Son. Sucker Punch did a great job with the early PS4 title, and it has an enjoyable Platinum trophy to obtain. The new protagonist, Delsin, is more interesting than Cole McGrath, and making your way around Seattle is a blast. Like some of the other games on this list, it’s only available until January 2, 2020, so make sure you get through it soon.

10 Best PS Now Games | Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

best PS Now games

We’re nearly at the end of this console generation, so it’s a smart call to play some of the stellar titles that might be in your backlog. Konami and Kojima Production’s Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain ranks among the best games released this decade, and it’s really the first Metal Gear game that delivers from a pure gameplay standpoint. There’s no fumbling around with the control scheme, as executing a stealthy plan is all up to the player. Throw in a great story that has a meaningful ending, and you’ve got a fitting end for one of gaming’s best series (let’s forget that Metal Gear Survive happened).

10 Best PS Now Games | OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Olliwood

best PS Now games

While none of the Skate or Tony Hawk games are available on PlayStation Now, that doesn’t mean that players don’t have a great skateboarding title to play. Luckily for players, both of the OlliOlli games are available on the platform. While the original is still fun, it’s tough to go back to after the improvements of the sequel, which adds in manuals to complete its trick system. Going through a level without dropping a combo is a blast, making it one of the best high-score games on the system.

10 Best PS Now Games | The Last of Us

best PS Now games

While a lot of Naughty Dog’s recent titles have aged poorly as production values and storytelling have improved, The Last of Us still manages to leave an impact thanks to its heartfelt characters and survival gameplay that focuses more on playing intelligently than pumping endless amounts of lead into foes. Plus, you will want to either check out the original for the first time or have it fresh in mind before the sequel comes out on February 21, 2020. There’s no better time to experience Ellie and Joel’s journey together. However, it’s not limited to PS Now subscribers as the remastered version was also part of October PS Plus lineup.

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