10 Best Video Games Based On Anime (According To Metacritic)

Anime is one of the most popular forms of entertainment around, with its prominence stretching all across the world. With the sheer popularity of this medium, it’s unsurprising that video games inspired by this anime art style and culture would become oh-so-prominent.

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Unfortunately, anime games don’t enjoy a good reputation amongst fans, with the majority of titles based on these well-known properties turning out to be painfully mediocre, if not downright atrocious in terms of quality.

Thankfully, not all these anime games have a bad reputation. Some titles have actually managed to attain great critical and audience receptions across the board. Here are 10 such titles that are the cream of the anime game crop, according to Metacritic.

10 Dragon Ball Z: Xenoverse 2 (Metacritic Score: 78)

The sheer number of Dragon Ball video games that have come out is nothing short of extensive. Unfortunately, most of them fall well short of being decent titles. The same can’t be said about the Xenoverse series, which has displayed promise with both its titles.

The second game in the series is quite great in its own right, with a surprisingly decent plot and entertaining gameplay, albeit with a noticeable grind that players do need to bear if they wish to get into the meat of this title.

9 Attack On Titan 2 (Metacritic Score: 78)

Attack On Titan‘s premise was ripe for a video game adaptation, and fans received one in 2016. The game was definitely great…barring a few inconsistent moments. There was definitely room for improvement.

When Attack On Titan 2 came out, fans were more than happy to witness what was undoubtedly a marked improvement over its original. The sequel featured better combat and movement mechanics, along with the chance for players to create their very own character that would fit into the story.

8 Naruto: The Broken Bond (Metacritic Score: 80)

Of course, Dragon Ball isn’t the only anime series that has a ton of video games under its belt. Naruto also shares this honor, with the Ultimate Ninja Storm series perhaps being the most well-known gaming series that falls under the anime bracket.

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However, what most people don’t realize is that Naruto games were good even before CyberConnect2’s franchise. Naruto: Rise Of A Ninja and The Broken Bond are great examples of this. Fighting games with some role-playing elements added to the mix, these titles are perhaps the most interactive Naruto games ever released.

7 Gundam Battle Assault 2 (Metacritic Score: 80)

Most games based on anime are mostly about fighting, with the sheer quantity of such games generally allowing for the inclusion of some quality pieces. This is the case with Gundam Battle Assault 2 — an anime series that has a ton of video games around it.

Unlike most of the other basic anime fighting games that come up, Gundam Battle Assault 2 actually features an excellent and reliable fighting system that allows for some genuine competitive gameplay.

6 Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst (Metacritic Score: 80)

The Ultimate Ninja Storm series is one of the best anime fighting games around, with the entire series arguably worthy of a mention on this list. While Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 refined the combat system to a T and allowed for some of the fastest and energetic fights in the franchise, the excellent story mode of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 gives it an edge over its successor.

Its re-release in 2013 has just enough features to warrant the highest score the series has received on Metacritic — a solid 80.

5 Yu-Gi-Oh! The Eternal Duelist Soul (Metacritic Score: 81)

Yu-Gi-Oh! has consistently proven to be an excellent source of shows, movies, and — last but not least — video games. One such game, Yu-Gi-Oh! The Eternal Duelist Soul actually managed to attain respectable critical admiration over time.

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The tight gameplay and familiar elements of the beloved series were more than enough to satiate both critics and fans, both of whom thought that The Eternal Duelist Soul was a worthy addition to the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise.

4 Bleach: The Blade Of Fate (Metacritic Score: 83)

Out of all the shonen anime out there, Bleach is certainly a great universe for a video game. Bleach: The Blade Of Fate capitalizes on the license’s potential for adaptation by delivering an experience that captures the frantic action of the anime.

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The Blade Of Fate is certainly a great fighting game. 2006’s game was further expanded upon by its successor, 2007’s Dark Souls, with both games being among the most refined and enjoyable anime games of all time, especially when it comes to handheld consoles.

3 Astro Boy: Omega Factor (Metacritic Score: 85)

A beat-em-up title that encompasses everything good about the genre, Astro Boy: Omega Factor is one of the best games on the Game Boy Advance and an excellent adaptation of the Astro Boy character.

People who want to play a good game that faithfully recreates the character of Astro Boy will find it in their best interests to give this game a whirl.

2 Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars (Metacritic Score: 85)

Capcom is no stranger to creating all-out fighting games with a colorful cast of characters. The Marvel Vs. Capcom series is a great example of this, with some excellent games in the series to boot.

Another such game released by Capcom was Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars, featuring all the beloved stars of Capcom games coupled with the characters from the various anime series of Tatsunoko Production. It’s an excellent fighting game that anyone with a taste for Capcom’s Vs. series should experience firsthand.

1 Dragon Ball FighterZ (Metacritic Score: 87)

Fighting games are the bread and butter of the anime world, and there’s no game that personifies this better than Dragon Ball FighterZ. Developed by Arc System Works — the developers behind the excellent Guilty Gear series — Dragon Ball FighterZ is one of the best fighting games of its generation, without a shadow of a doubt.

The fact that this title managed to become such a competitive Esports game should be more than enough to highlight the sheer quality present in this product, featuring a litany of well-balanced characters to ensure a cohesive fighting experience.

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