Monster Hunter’s greatsword has the best videogame animation since Chris Redfield punched a boulder

The best videogame animations are mesmerizing to watch over and over again. We have a whole list of our favorite first person hand animations, and another for the best reload animations. Those are all great, but recently I’ve become obsessed with an animation in Monster Hunter: World’s new Iceborne expansion. It is, like everything else in Monster Hunter, absolutely ridiculous.

Last week I started learning the greatsword, one of Monster Hunter’s slowest, most powerful weapons. It’s hard to hit especially agile monsters with: You have to stand there, rooted in place, for a good five seconds as you charge up a massive, bone-crunching swing. It’s really satisfying to land those hits, though, and the greatsword’s power means it excels at cutting off monster tails and breaking other parts of their bodies.

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