The popular Game from Capcom will be coming to mobile this year

A new Monster Hunter game has been announced by Capcom, called Monster Hunter Riders and it’s exclusively for Android and iOS. It’s a free for all game and has drawn it’s character designs from Monster Hunter Stories. This story will be set on a magical land where monsters and riders coexist. Players will get to buy new dragons which they can ride into battle with. This game will be featuring fan favourite monsters from the previous games and more will be added in future updates.

Storyline and gameplay

The story of the game is to find out why peace is being threatened in the land. As for the gameplay and art styles, Capcom has done a great job which we can see from the trailer and gameplay videos which are available in YouTube.

This game will be different from Monster Hunter Stories as Stories is a full-fledged RPG while this one has a nostalgic touch and is similar to other Monster Hunter games. Monster Hunter Stories were more enjoyed by gamers than the 3DS Pokemon series and I have faith that Monster Hunter Riders will be just as fun to play. We, in other countries have not received a release date yet, but it’s available for preorder in Playstore and App Store in Japan.

In the App Store listing for Japan, the game is slated to release on 29th February. The customer support from Capcom for Monster Hunter has not been that great but Monster Hunter Stories is currently on one of their best versions yet. Let’s hope Monster Hunter Riders gets a release date for the rest of the world. For further news, please refer to their Japanese website.

Let us check out the trailer below:-

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