Capcom’s Shinsekai: Into The Depths Launches On Nintendo Switch Today

Capcom has just launched its underwater exploration title Shinsekai: Into The Depths on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Previously an Apple Arcade exclusive, it tasks the player with uncovering the secrets of an underwater world packed with puzzles, wildlife and mystery. The aquatic setting isn’t just for show, either; the fact that you’re immersed in water means that your character moves differently to how they would on dry land, and this – combined with the numerous abilities you unlock as you progress – makes for a compellingly different take on a tried-and-tested template.

Set in a future where the earth’s surface has been entombed in ice and mankind has been forced to live underwater, Shinsekai: Into The Depths places you in the role of a lone explorer who, one day, happens upon a drone which hints at a lost civilisation. You’ll need to conserve you oxygen and deal with increased water pressure as you delve deeper and deeper into your quest for knowledge.

A combination of eerie visuals and immersive audio make this quite a unique experience – as is evidenced by the fact that it gained a reasonable amount of critical acclaim when it launched on Apple’s subscription-based gaming service last year.

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