Final Fantasy VII Remake PS4 Bundle Announced in Japan

Square Enix and Sony announced a Final Fantasy VII Remake PS4 or PS4 Pro Bundle, but only in Japan. It’s unclear if it’ll release in the west.

Over in Japan, Square Enix and Sony announced a Final Fantasy VII Remake PS4 bundle. A PS4 version and a PS4 Pro version of the bundle will be available on April 10. The announcement was made via a PlayStation Blog post published on March 25. All the details are below.

The PlayStation 4 Final Fantasy VII Remake bundle contains:

  • A PlayStation 4 (500 GB) or PlayStation 4 Pro (1 TB) with all its cables
  • A black PS4 controller
  • A physical copy of Final Fantasy VII Remake
  • 3 months of PlayStation Plus subscription via product codes
  • A DLC code for a Final Fantasy VII Remake dynamic PS4 theme that features Cloud

The PS4 bundle is priced at 32,978 Yen (tax included, around 300$). The PS4 Pro bundle is at 43,978 Yen (tax included, around 400$). Note that these are normal PS4 consoles, not some kind of limited versions with FF7R artwork by Yoshitaka Amano on their covers.

The Cloud PS4 theme included in the bundle:

In the same blog post, Sony Japan’s store also announced a Final Fantasy VII Remake neck speaker and a Final Fantasy VII Remake PS4 top cover:

Square Enix and Sony haven’t announced a similar bundle outside Japan. I don’t believe they will. I think Square Enix might have planned to announce a similar bundle in other territories. However, seeing the current Covid-19 situation, it might have been canned. Japan’s biggest events have been canceled or shifted. The Olympics were postponed to 2021. But overall, Japan isn’t on lockdown or facing a dire situation like European countries. This means the Final Fantasy VII Remake PS4 bundle only releasing there makes sense.

DualShockers will be sure to tell you if Square Enix announced the bundle outside Japan.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will launch on April 10. You can check out the latest details here, here and here.

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