Sludge Life is Out Today on Epic Games Store and Free for Its First Year

Get Sludge Life, Devolver Digital’s new trippy graffiti game for free on the Epic Games Store.

Sludge Life is the latest title to release under the Devolver Digital banner. An open-world exploration game where you tag spots across the city to become a master tagger. The game released on PC exclusively to the Epic Games Store and is selling for free for what seems to be for the first year of its release. According to the Sludge Life store page, the game is on “sale” for free until May 28th next year. I played Sludge Life at PAX East this year and I found it to have its unique type of charm with the potential to be another great addition in the Devolver Digital catalog.

Within the past year, Devolver Digital has been working with both Steam and the Epic Games Store when it comes to their releases. Some releases like Sludge Life are exclusive to the Epic Games Store while others like Exit the Gungeon are exclusive to Steam. In the past one of the publisher’s founders, Graeme Struthers spoke on the topic of Steam vs. Epic Games Store on how the conversation regarding the two platforms should be reset because while Epic gives developers more revenue, Steam is a more “defined platform” with numerous features that Epic Games Store does not have among other things.

Devolver Digital is one of the biggest indie publishers in the industry with upcoming titles like Fall Guys, Disc Roomand Carrion to look forward to this year just to name a few. Sludge Life is also planned to release on the Nintendo Switch somewhere down the line, but the current release window is still set for Spring 2020. To check more games that Devolver Digital has to offer check out their official website.

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