Xbox Series X Pre-Order Page Appears on Microsoft Store

The Xbox Series X has received its first tentative pre-order page on the Microsoft Store, meaning that a release date and price point could soon be revealed.

While we still don’t know specific dates and price points for both the PS5 and Xbox Series X, it seems as though this will be changing in short order as both Sony and Microsoft prepare to talk about each of their next-gen machines soon. In the case of the Xbox Series X specifically, a new development has recently come about that might indicate a

Over on the Microsoft Store, a new webpage recently went live for Xbox Series X pre-orders. For now, pre-orders still aren’t live meaning that you can’t snag yourself one of the consoles just yet, but it does seem to indicate that the team at Microsoft is beginning to get their ducks in a row before making purchases available. As of this writing, pre-order links for the Xbox Series X still haven’t appeared at any other retail sites just yet.

The reason why this might indicate that a release date and retail price could soon be disclosed for the Xbox Series X is because, in the past, pre-orders for consoles tend to go live soon after manufacturers reveal these key details of their new platforms.

Microsoft has also already indicated that it will be holding a new Xbox Series X event of some sort in June, but further details of what will be divulged in the showing haven’t really been discussed. Still, given that we’re only about 6 months away from the launch of both next-gen platforms, it would make sense for these vital pieces of information will begin surfacing quite soon.

Regardless of when we hear more, we’re absolutely getting to that time of the year where pre-orders for both the PS5 and Xbox Series X should be going up, you’d imagine. If you’re looking to snag either console on day one for yourself, keep an eye out in the coming weeks.