Boyfriend Dungeon Shows Spicy New Gameplay at the Guerrilla Collective

Kitfox Games’ upcoming dungeon crawler x dating sim Boyfriend Dungeon showed new gameplay footage during the Guerrilla Collective.

The Guerrilla Collective, which is taking place this weekend (June 13-15), is bringing daily showcases to highlight upcoming new games from a variety of different developers. Bringing together indie developers and larger studios like Larian, New Blood Interactive, and more, so far the showcases have had some promising new looks at upcoming games, such as Kitfox’s charming RPG Boyfriend Dungeon.

During the Guerrilla Collective’s first showcase, developer Kitfox Games shared a new look at their upcoming title Boyfriend Dungeon. The video features new gameplay footage with commentary by the development team as they provide a closer look at how the game mashes together elements of a dungeon-crawling RPG with the intrigue and charm of a dating sim.

As the name implies, Boyfriend Dungeon is a procedurally-generated dungeon crawler where you are tasked with progressing as far as you can within a dungeon to fight monsters and gather loot in the form of weapons and items. Of course, the weapons aren’t just weapons, but transform into incredibly attractive companions that you’ll get to form relationships with and bond over the course of the game.

We’ve previously played Boyfriend Dungeon at events such as PAX East, and so far the game is shaping up to be a promising indie experience with a unique and charming premise. To learn more about the game, you can also read our interview with Kitfox Games’ Tanya X. Short (the designer and director of the game) to learn more about how the studio approached blending these two genres together.

Boyfriend Dungeon is currently in development for Nintendo Switch and PC, and is expected to release sometime in 2020.

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