Cake Bash Frantic Multiplayer Demo Coming to Steam Summer Games Festival

Dessert-based title Cake Bash is getting a brand new demo as part of Steam Summer Game Festival on June 9th.

With everything going on lately, many of us are looking to find games that are lighter fare. You know… something that will scratch a fun, nostalgic Mario Party mini-game itch. Thankfully, we can get a taste of Cake Bash — a multiplayer minigame collection — in a brand new demo, slated to launch alongside Steam Summer Game Festival on June 9th.

If you haven’t heard of Cake Bash, the game is a collection of food-oriented mini-games (seen in the newly revealed announcement trailer, below). The new demo is going to give players a chance to test out the four-player local multiplayer on the two recently announced modes (“Sweet Victory” and “Fruity Pie”) as well as two brand new modes: “Fork Knife: Gateau Royale” and “Campfire.” According to developer High Tea Frog, the new modes are exactly what they might sound like — Gateau Royale is their take on a shrinking Battle Royal-type mode, where “Campfire” is a minigame around roasting the perfect marshmallow.

There’s a lot to love about this small, indie project — including that it is created by Ubisoft veterans. But (personally) I’m just looking for a game that will scratch a minigame itch that’s been lacking in this weird, weird year of gaming.

Cake Bash launches on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One later this year; if you are looking to dive into some of the dessert action, you can try out the game beginning June 9, 2020 on Steam.