Demon’s Souls Remake from Bluepoint Finally Revealed for PS5

Demon’s Souls is indeed the next remake from developer Bluepoint Games and it’s coming to the PS5.

Well, we expected it to show up today, and that’s exactly what happened. Following years of rumors, Bluepoint Games’ next project has finally been confirmed to be that of Demon’s Souls, the legendary Soulslike that started it all.

Demon’s Souls is the first entry in the Soulslike subgenre that FromSoftware established back in 2009. Bluepoint has previously worked on remakes and remasters of Shadow of the Colossus and Uncharted. Their latest game has been hinted at for quite some time, so this announcement finally puts to rest the questions that have lingered for quite some time.

The remake of Demon’s Souls was unveiled alongside a new trailer that highlighted the game’s stellar new visuals. Unfortunately, we saw no actual gameplay of the game in action, but based on what the PS5 has shown us so far, it will likely look pretty great.

Demon’s Souls will be coming exclusively to PS5 but we still don’t have a release window for the game just yet. Stay tuned as more information should be coming about soon.

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