Descenders is Selling Five Times as Many Units after Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass has already shown that titles that come to the service sell better after and Descenders looks to be joining that club as well.

I have long been an Xbox Game Pass advocate. The service is a phenomenal deal and allows players to play games they probably wouldn’t have purchased before. On top of that, games that come to the service generally sell more as well. It looks like Descenders is one of those games that have received a sales boost due to the service.

Mike Rose, part of the publishing company No More Robots that published Descenders, posted about the game’s success over on his Twitter account. He shared that the game is currently the 8th most popular game on Xbox Game Pass and shared how beneficial the service has been for the game.

He also stated that if they were to take the sales from the month before the game came to Game Pass and compared it to sales from last week, they are selling five times as many copies of the game then they were before. He noted that their total Xbox sales have tripled.

After hearing about all of the success Descenders has received since joining the gaming subscription service, it makes total sense why they signed a new Game Pass deal and will stick around for quite some time.

Descenders is an absolute joy to play. It is a downhill BMX title that surprisingly has some of the most relaxing gameplay I have seen this year. There is something so unwinding about hitting some nasty tricks while listening to a smooth soundtrack. If you are a member of Xbox Game Pass, make sure to check this one out.