Dr Disrespect insists “Twitch has not notified” him on why he’s been banned • Eurogamer.net

“Firm handshakes to all for the support during this difficult time.”

Dr Disrespect, aka Guy Beahm, has broken his silence on the recent deletion of his channel from Twitch and says he has not been informed why he’s been banned.

In a new tweet early today – his first communication for several days – Beahm said: “Twitch has not notified me on the specific reason behind their decision… Firm handshakes to all for the support during this difficult time.”

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Twitch has yet to respond to this fresh allegation, but yesterday a Twitch representative told Polygon: “As is our process, we take appropriate action when we have evidence that a streamer has acted in violation of our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. These apply to all streamers regardless of status or prominence in the community.”

As Wes reported yesterday, Twitch allegedly permanently banned Dr Disrespect from its platform on Friday. Beahm was one of the most popular streamers on Twitch with more than four million followers, and had an exclusive deal with the company.

Esports reporter Rod Breslau took to Twitter to say Dr Disrespect’s ban was permanent. A reason is not yet known, but Breslau said it had nothing to do with a recent wave of bans relating to DMCA takedowns.

Beahm has been embroiled in controversy on a number of occasions. In December 2017, he took a two-month hiatus from streaming to focus on his relationship with his wife after admitting infidelity. At E3 2019, Beahm was suspended by Twitch after streaming from a public bathroom. He has been accused of racism on-stream, and has shared coronavirus conspiracy theories online.