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Exo One – the interplanetary exploration game from Exbleative – has been given a new gameplay trailer from alternative E3 indie showcase Guerrilla Collective.

The latest look shows some of the stunning environments you’ll be soaring through as a mysterious, gravity-defying alien spacecraft – from vast oceans, to pink clouds and a moss-covered valley.

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It’s also been given a narrowed down release window of 2020. Coming to PC, you can wishlist – and download a demo – on Steam.

Exo One is a long time coming – we first spotted it at Rezzed in 2017, where it was named one of our best games from the show.

“It’s a traversal mechanic that takes some getting used to, but one that puts me very much in mind of Tribes – hungrily searching for even the slightest of downward inclines to help increase your momentum,” wrote Johnny Chiodini at the time.

“It’s a relaxing, almost trancelike way to play, but the payoff when you get some real speed up and go gliding up into the clouds is really something else.”

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