Fortnite’s new season arrives today and brings a radically changed map •

This week’s big live event changed Fortnite forever – and now the game’s new season has kicked off with a heavily waterlogged map.

A large portion of Fortnite’s island is now submerged, many of last season’s new locations have been washed away, and fresh areas are open to explore.

Overall, Chapter 2 Season 3 has a Waterworld-like theme, with its scene-setting trailer showing off a floating shanty town of survivors. Oh, and also Jason Momoa.

New locations include The Authority, a new central fortress to replace the Agency, and Catty Corner in the bottom right of the map. Slurpy Swamp and The Rig have been replaced by the Westworld-looking Fortilla and Rickety Rig shantytown.

This season adds sharks you can hitch a ride on, and its trailer shows regular cars and trucks are coming – when the water subsides. It’s expected that this is the full extent of the flood, and that the map will change week by week as the water level slowly drops.

There are new roving gangs of NPCs to battle, named Marauders, similar to the henchmen of last season. There are new weapons, including a flare gun, and plenty of returned items such as the Chug Jug. And, of course, there’s a new battle pass – where you can earn a kitten robot version of last season’s breakout star Meowscles.

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