Full Body Gets New Trailer Ahead of Switch Release

Get one more look at Catherine: Fully Body on the Nintendo Switch before it arrives on July 7.

Following its launch on PS4 early last year, Catherine: Full Body is now slated to finally arrive on the Nintendo Switch in just a few short weeks. Ahead of that time, we got one more extended look at the game today via a brief new video.

Atlus released a new trailer for Catherine: Full Body today during the New Game+ Expo. The video in question is only about one minute long and focuses solely on the game’s puzzle gameplay. If you’re unfamiliar with how Catherine plays, essentially, each level will see you trying to climb a massive structure that is made out of individual blocks. Once you get to the top of the stack, the level will be over. This sounds much easier in practice than it often is in the game itself, especially when massive bosses are hot on your tail for extended periods of time.

Notably, the Switch iteration of the game that we see in this new footage actually looks pretty good all things considered. While Catherine: Full Body might be available primarily on PS4, the original title first came to PS3 and Xbox 360 back in 2011. Because of this, the new port over to the Switch was likely a bit easier than some other ports. Hopefully, the finalized version of the game will run well, at the very least.

Catherine: Full Body is set to release on the Switch early next month on July 7. You can check out today’s aforementioned new trailer attached above if you’re interested.

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