Godfall First Look Gameplay Trailer Shows Looter Slasher Genre in Action

Godfall not only brings forth a new world, but also a new genre.

Today, during the PC Gaming Show 2020, Counterplay Games and Gearbox Publishing showed off a first look trailer for the upcoming Godfall game which boasts a mythical looking world.

It was only today that we saw a trailer that showed off the combat that players can expect to see in the game when it launches later this year. The trailer revealed during the stream as you can find below featured the voice of game director Keith Lee who talks us through some of the game features, but clarifies that the game is subject to change due to still being early in development.

Set in a new fantasy world filled with mythical beings and riddled with magic and realms to explore. The world is split up into elemental realms, so you’ll be wandering around earth, water, fire, and air, each world I imagine bringing their own challenges to overcome.

Player’s take on the role of a knight who can equip “Valorplates”. This type of armor grants players the ability to become masterful in melee combat. Eventually, after progressing through the worlds, players get to face off with a Mad God who awaits them.

Lee explains how the studio wanted to do something different with gameplay, combining action RPG loot progression with third-person melee combat. The studio is coining this seemingly new genre as, “Looter-slasher”. Some serious Kojima Strand energy here.

The result of this new genre is that Godfall is one part “gear-driven” and one part “player skill-driven”. Players will be able to locate powerful weapons and loot progression while still retaining that sense of accomplishment through mastering the combat mechanics available.

Godfall is due to land on PS5 and the Epic Games Store later this year in Holiday 2020. There’s no word on an Xbox version.

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