Haven Gets A Short But Intense Trailer At PC Gaming Show 2020

Haven, coming to PC, PS4, Xbox and Switch, still looks as nice and intriguing as ever in its new trailer, but still has no release date.

Haven is still making itself desired. The game was featured at PC Gaming Show 2020 today, with a brand new trailer. Making us anticipating this promising RPG even more. No release date was shared however, and Haven is still only planned for 2020.

You can check out the new Haven trailer right below.

Haven was first announced in February 2019. Developing studio The Game Bakers is known for Furi. 3D Action game Furi mixes shmup elements with inspirations such as Devil May Cry, and is akin to a long boss rush. This brand new game, however, is pretty different, and goes for a RPG adventure featuring a couple who escaped on an uninhabited alien planet.

A demo for Haven was temporarily released in December 2019. It let you try out the game’s interesting exploration system and battle system, always combining the abilities of the two lovers protagonists. There’s a Pocket Monsters feel to it with how you can tame monsters as well. Overall, it’s the kind of battle system you’d like if you’re looking for evolution of turn-based. You can catch the previous gameplay trailer right here.

Haven is planned to launch in 2020 on PC via Steam, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It will launch on other PC game platforms other than Steam as well. Hopefully we’ll be hearing a release date soon, as 2020 is half over (and has been one hell of a ride already.)