Housemarque reveals PS5 science-fiction mind-bender Returnal •

Former arcade specialist Housemarque, developer of Resogun (and loads of other bangers), has announced a super-interesting new PlayStation 5 game called Returnal.

It’s a sci-fi game about a lone female space explorer who crashes on a planet and keeps living the same life period of time over and over again, a bit like that Tom Cruise film Edge of Tomorrow, which isn’t that bad actually.

But there’s a weird edge to it. It plays with the ideas of losing one’s sanity, and throws up some grotesque and surreal imagery like the acclaimed game Hellblade.

There’s combat. It looks a bit like Mass Effect but faster and more action-packed, and Housemarque is on solid ground here of course.

To me, the lead actor looked a lot like Gwendoline Christie, the British actress best known for playing Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones. But I haven’t seen any confirmation of this yet and the character speaks with an American accent here. I’m probably wrong.

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