Jump Rope Challenge Gives Switch Owners a New Way to Get Fit

Jump Rope Challenge lets you and your friends join together to jump some virtual rope and keep fit at home.

Unfortunately for many looking for a way to stay fit while stuck at home, Ring Fit Adventure for the Nintendo Switch is sold out almost everywhere. However, Nintendo has you covered. Today, the studio released a new, free game for the platform called Jump Rope Challenge. It’s not quite the workout Ring Fit is, but it does provide a fun new twist on cardio. Check it out below.

Jump Rope Challenge is pretty basic. You take two Joy-Con controllers and start jumping. By following the on-screen counter, you can easily watch your progress. It might not be a graphics-intensive title, but it should have you sweating quickly. Jumping rope is one of the better forms of cardio out there, making it a great way to stay in shape.

Interestingly, the game was created by a few Nintendo devs looking to add some physical activity to their work-from-home routine. So, in many ways, it’s the perfect game for your ongoing quarantine. At least, if you live somewhere that lets you easily fit this into your day.

See, the big problem is that if you live in an apartment and aren’t on the first floor, you’re probably going to make some enemies due to the sound. Unfortunately, unlike Ring Fit Adventure, Jump Rope Challenge doesn’t seem to have a solution for that. This makes sense, there’s not many ways to modify jumping rope.

That said, if you can play the game, it’s worth checking out. As mentioned above, Jump Rope Challenge is free on Nintendo Switch now. So, get out there and get to jumping.