Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory First Story Details Revealed

Here are Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory story details translated from the game’s Japanese press release.

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory is the very first rhythm game of the Kingdom Hearts franchise. The game is described as a “Rhythm Action” game by Square Enix.

In Melody of Memory, Heartless appear from the back of the screen, and you need to attack them by pressing the right buttons in rhythm with the music. There will be over 20 characters in the game. Many of them regulars from the Kingdom Hearts series. Depending on the stage, you’ll also have Disney characters appearing to help out as Guest Characters.

According to the trailer, Melody of Memory also includes online multiplayer, with four different game modes playable online.

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory will include over 140 songs in total, from both the Kingdom Hearts series and from Disney movies. According to the Japanese press release, players will visit multiple world via the usual Gummi Ship, and look back on their memories while collecting “Rhythm”.

Here’s a translation of the Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory pitch from the Japanese press release:

“Melody of Memory.
The world inside memories, guided by the power of music.
Players will venture to various Worlds together with music and the Gummi Ship.
Collecting “Rhythm” in each World and looking back at memories.
The mysterious power woven together by the melody spins a tale of memories.
Memories become Worlds, and the adventures of past come back to life.”

The final scenes of the reveal trailer includes lines spoken by “Seeker of Darkness” Ansem (voiced by Akio Otsuka) and Kairi (Risa Uchida). The trailer’s final scenes also includes enigmatic text reading “And “his” final plan hidden in the “Melody of Memory”…”.

All of this hints that Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory will include new story elements.

The Kingdom Hearts series already had multiple rhythm mini-games in the past, most notably in Kingdom Hearts 2.

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory launches in 2020 worldwide, on PS4, Switch, and Xbox One. The game’s logo leaked before its announcement. You can check out Tetsuya Nomura’s latest comments here.

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Multiple seiyuu and artists shared homages to Axel’s seiyuu actor Keiji Fujiwara, who regrettably passed away in April 2020.

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