Pokemon Cafe Mix is Now Available to Play on Nintendo Switch

Build your dream restaurant Pokemon-style in Pokemon Cafe Mix which is available now.

Announced during last week’s Pokemon Presents, Pokemon Cafe Mix is a brand new puzzle game where you create your very own cafe where Pokemon come to visit to dine and drink and it is available to play right now. Nintendo brought news to the release of the game on their official Twitter.

The puzzles involve linking the same Pokemon icon as much as you can and the pokemon you’re working with has special abilities that differ depending on the pokemon. Progressing through the game will give you more pokemon to work with as well as expanding your cafe.

Pokemon Cafe Mix was announced alongside New Pokemon Snap the long-awaited second entry of the Pokemon Snap series as well as Pokemon Smile, a unique game where you brush your teeth to fight off bacteria and catch Pokemon at the same time. There is also a big Pokemon announcement happening tomorrow morning at 6 am PST. To get you by until then you can download Pokemon Cafe Mix for free on Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.

For a more inside look on Pokemon Cafe Mix, you can watch the official gameplay trailer below.

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