Time-Bending RPG Cris Tales Launches Nov. 17

Announced during the PC Gaming Show, one of E3 2019’s sleeper hits will arrive this fall to all modern platforms, and with a next-gen release in the works.

Cris Tales, a time-bending RPG that emerged as a sleeper hit out of E3 2019, now has a release date.

Announced during the PC Gaming Show on Saturday, the game will be launching Nov. 17 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Google Stadia. Better yet, a next-gen PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series release is in the works.

The PC Gaming Show also brought on a look at the game’s opening cinematic, which you can check out below.

Developed by the Columbia-based Dreams Uncorporated and SYCK, under indie publishing label Modus Games, Cris Tales is an adventure that wears its turn-based inspirations on its sleeve while making sure to introduce an entirely new hook. In it, the past, present, and future are always in view, letting players manipulate time through the story’s main character, Crisbell, to gain an advantage in battle and aid the citizens who inhabit the lush, fantastical kingdom of Crystallis.

We previewed the game last summer at E3 after it was announced and walked away highly impressed. More gameplay has been shown off in the months since, and a demo that has been available on Steam and GOG from the get-go has now been updated with an eight-battle mini Colosseum that allows players to get familiar with new party member, Willhelm. The Colosseum will also be its own experience available in the final product when it launches.

From what’s been shown and talked about so far, Cris Tales carries a lot of promise in the turn-based RPG space, and is sure to catch more eyes as the summer wears on.

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