Call of Duty 2020 Details Leaked, Named Call of Duty: Black Ops CIA

New leaks from The Red Door demo reveal more details about Call of Duty 2020 and its maps and locations.

Every year, we expect to see the first sight of the new Call of Duty game later in May or June, but this year things seem to be different. It’s mid-July and Activision hasn’t revealed anything about the next mainline title of the CoD series yet, but thanks to some new leaks, you can rest assured that the new game is a Black Ops reboot.

Recently, a mysterious demo from Activision appeared on Microsoft Store on Xbox One under the name of The Red Door, which is assumed to be the demo for the upcoming Call of Duty game. While downloading the title requires you to redeem a key, some players managed to download and run it on their console which led to some interesting facts about the game.

After downloading the file, its name changes into Call of Duty: Black Ops CIA and if you run it, the title screen of the game showcases a previously leaked screenshot from the ongoing Call of Duty: Black Ops reboot.

Other than the title, some other leaks from the source file of The Red Door reveal more details about the game and the possible locations of its multiplayer and campaign maps. According to a data miner on Twitter, Call of Duty 2020 will take place in locations from Vietnam, Russia, Nicaragua, and Germany. When you dig the source code up, there are also some possible references to a co-op Zombies mode and some new modifications and improvements coming to Call of Duty Warzone for free.

With Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase going live on Thursday this week, we might finally get to see the reveal trailer for Call of Duty 2020 during the event, though Activision usually teams up with Sony for its marketing campaigns and in-game exclusives when it comes to Call of Duty titles.

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