Deathloop Gets New Concept Art from Arkane Showing Off Stylish Interior Locales

Arkane’s iconic looks from past games, especially that of Prey, seems to have transitioned right over into the studio’s latest, Deathloop.

Deathloop is the latest action game set to release later this year from Arkane Studios, and outside of a new trailer for the title that dropped last month, there’s still not a whole lot we’ve seen of it. That said, it seems as though Arkane is beginning to slowly give prospective fans some new content to latch onto.

Recently, over on the game’s official Twitter account, Arkane released some new concept art for Deathloop which offers us some more insight into its unique world design. The concept art in question that was let loose features some of the interiors that might be seen in the full experience. We’re given a look at what seems to be a rather fancy house of some sort, complete with some stylish lighting and winding staircases.

You can find the concept art in the tweet below:

Perhaps unsurprising, the general style of Deathloop, based especially off of this concept art, looks somewhat reminiscent to Prey, which was Arkane’s most recent release. Not only is the color palette a bit similar, but the general look and feel of this space seems like it could be something that you’d find aboard the Talos I. Considering just how memorable that locale was in Prey though, it’s by no means a bad thing whatsoever that Deathloop is seemingly boasting a similar aesthetic.

Deathloop is set to launch later this year for both the PS5 and PC. As of now, it’s only a timed-exclusive to PlayStation’s upcoming next-gen console and will likely come to additional platforms in the future.

To hold you over until we see more, you can check out the recent gameplay trailer for Deathloop right here.

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