Devolver Direct 2020 — Watch the Full Show Right Here, You Poor Souls

Devolver Digital is back with another livestream full of announcements, reveal trailers, capitalism, and bloodshed: watch it all right here.

For the fourth year in a row, publisher Devolver Digital has returned to the stage (this time, virtually) to show us the best and brightest of its indie gaming line-up. However, if you’ve ever watched one of Devolver’s past shows, you already know that we’ll be in for something a little different from the usual gaming press conference. Whether that’s for better or worse is for you to decide, but you can watch the show for yourself to find out.

The publisher’s annual Devolver Direct kicked off today, and as in past shows, we got to see a bunch of different indie game trailers for titles such as Shadow Warrior 3Carrion, Serious Sam 4, and a few other surprises.. Of course, as teased by Devolver, we’ll also see the return of Nina Struthers, the press conference’s “host,” for lack of a better term, meaning all bets are off as to what will actually happen at the show.

The Devolver Direct 2020 has just finished up airing, and you can watch the carnage…announcements unfold below. Check a look at this year’s show, and in case you missed their past shows, we’d recommend that you catch up on them:

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