Genshin Impact Will Be Launching Before October on Mobile, PC

miHoYo announced its open world anime JRPG Genshin Impact will be launching worldwide before October on PC, iOS, Android.

miHoYo announced on July 22 that its upcoming anime-stylized open world RPG Genshin Impact will be launching on iOS, Android, and PC before October. The exact release date will be announced soon. It’s important to note the game will also be coming to PS4 in 2020, and to Switch with no release date estimate.

DualShockers has been keeping a close eye on miHoYo and Genshin Impact since the game’s announcement on June 2019. Genshin Impact is currently going through its third and final Closed Beta Test, which started on July 2. This is the first Beta supporting PS4 alongside iOS, Android, and PC, with online-coop being cross platform. miHoYo also announced that this CBT will be ending July 27.

Personally, I’ve been playing the CBT daily and overall it’s incredibly promising. Genshin Impact is quite peculiar as it mixes a full-blown JRPG experience with gacha elements. As the game is free-to-play. Despite the weird-looking mix it works incredibly well. The action battle system with the seven elements and the various elemental reactions feel overwhelming to learn at first, but becomes second-nature after a little while and is incredibly pleasant. The open-world is well built and exploration feels great, and the cast of characters is charismatic. The game is also dubbed in English, Chinese, and Japanese, so you can pick your preference. The Japanese cast is also full of post 2000 veteran seiyuu.

I’ll be sharing my full impressions and comments soon so stay tuned. We also streamed the game every Sunday over on our Twitch channel, and you can check out some shorter gameplay sequences on our YouTube.

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