Ninja is Officially Moving to Stream on YouTube Gaming

After a few weeks away from streaming with the fall of Mixer, Ninja has made his return, but this time it is through YouTube Gaming.

After a few weeks of speculation, we now know that popular Fortnite streamer Ninja is making his way to YouTube as his newest home streaming platform. This comes following the fallout of Mixer leading to the company joining with Facebook Gaming. With Ninja and Shroud having exclusivity deals with Mixer, the event led to both becoming free agents allowing them to choose freely as to which platform they would move to next.

With the death of Mixer, Ninja doesn’t have many other ways to go outside of YouTube with having a nasty divorce with Twitch after the platform had porn play on his Twitch channel after leaving seemingly cutting the ties of their relationship. Twitch also has many eyes on them right now after permanently banning Dr. Disrespect with no one appearing to know the exact reason behind the action.

It was rumored that Ninja would make an announcement today after word got out that he was having a test stream yesterday on the platform. As of now, it does not seem that YouTube has made a deal with the streamer regarding exclusivity, but it is plausible that talks are being made behind the scenes along with other streaming companies. Until any more news comes out you can watch Ninja stream on his YouTube channel and follow him on Twitter for any updates.

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