State of Decay 3 Confirmed to Only be in Pre-Production

Undead Labs has said that State of Decay 3 is still only early into development, meaning that we likely shouldn’t expect it to release for a bit.

Of the new Xbox Game Studios titles that were revealed during Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase, State of Decay 3 from Undead Labs was one of the more surprising announcements from the event. That said, while it was good to see that the next installment in the survival series is coming, it may not release for quite some time.

Following the reveal of State of Decay 3, Undead Labs took to social media to provide a bit more context on the game. Specifically, it was said that SoD3 is currently only in “early pre-production” which means that the studio isn’t very far into development on the project just yet. Typically, studios enter pre-production on games first to hash out the general direction and scope of a project before then transitioning to full production where those ideas are then put into the game itself.

So, in short, it sounds as though we shouldn’t be expecting State of Decay 3 to release at any point near the launch of the Xbox Series X. That said, the SoD series up until this point has generally been of a much smaller scope compared to other AAA titles, so perhaps development won’t take as long as some other games would. We’ll likely be hearing and seeing more of this title as Microsoft officially makes the transition to the next generation.

State of Decay 3 is said to be coming to both Xbox Series X and PC whenever it ends up arriving.

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