Adome Launching Thie Fall as It Enters Final Stretch of Development

It’s said to be inspired by Mirror’s Edge and involves parkour throughout.

Adome is a first-person single-player action-adventure set in the future and due to be released later this year on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. The game is said to be influenced by EA’s Mirror’s Edge meaning there seems to be a bunch of parkour involved.

Developed by Timsea Studios, the game takes place in the future in which the world is ravaged by the effects of climate change. Humanity has created a city within a large dome and called it “City of Light”. This city was designed to ensure the survival of future generations. We join the story when the city is to be seeing The Seeds, its first inhabitants arrive. These are seven-year-old children who are to be looked after and raised by humanoid robots known as Instructors.

However, the player-controlled protagonist IB1, who is one of these instructors for Ark B1, becomes activated after sensing the presence of the Seeds. But the system hasn’t worked as it should have. Players are tasked with locating the Seeds while jumping, climbing, and running along walls as they traverse the city. There are also enemies to shoot to throw in some action. Additionally, IB1 starts to treasure human emotions that humanity seems to have lost.

Adome looks to touch on loneliness, maturity, and the importance of being in contact with nature. The above teaser trailer doesn’t show off much in terms of the action, instead, it’s essentially an explanation of the plot along with a showcase of a select few environments with some heavy head-bobbing running. Some of the internal levels show off a very futuristic feel and then the external levels look to be barren and desolate.

It’s said that you can expect to see Adome launching this Fall for PC, Xbox One, PS4, and the Nintendo Switch.


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