Fall Guys Charity Bidding War Ends Raising $1,000,000 for SpecialEffect

MrBeast, Ninja, Aim Lab and G2 Esports team up with a seven-figure bid.

Over the past two weeks, the Fall Guys Twitter account has been running a charity event in the style of an auction. Companies, content creators and more have taken turns placing bids with the hope of getting their own custom skin into the game. The event has now ended and the winners have been confirmed, raising a total of $1,000,000 for SpecialEffect.

Up until one minute before the bidding closed YouTube channel FGteev was leading the race with a whopping $510k pledged. As the final countdown was happening and the door was about to close however a four-way conglomeration entered the race with a seven-figure bid, blowing the previous effort out of the water. The team comprised of two of the world’s biggest internet personalities, Ninja and MrBeast, G2 Esports, an online esports club and Aim Lab, an FPS/TPS training tool, with each pledging $250k to the cause.

While initially, the prize for the highest bidder was one skin in the game, Fall Guys were kind enough to allow each member of the winning team their own in-game costume due to their generosity.

SpecialEffect is a UK based charity who help gamers with physical disabilities to game. The money they raise helps to create a range of specialised apparatus that includes, but isn’t limited to, modified joy-pads and equipment that is eye controlled.

It’s little surprise that the bid for the custom skin went so high, due to the popularity of the game. Fall Guys became the most downloaded free PlayStation plus game of all time and the game also hit over 7 million Steam downloads within less than a month.

We also recently got our first peek at Fall Guys season 2 during Gamescom Opening Night Live. The game is making a departure from we’ve seen so far and is taking more a medieval route when it kicks off. The showcase teased new games, skins and more ahead of the October launch.

Overall, Fall Guys should be incredibly proud of what they’ve achieved with this charity event, raising $1,000,000 is certainly no small feat, especially for such a worthy cause!

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