Marvel’s Avengers Game Soundtrack Vinyl Preorder Available From Mondo

Mondo continues to turn out quality goods online. One of my favorite things about going to Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas–you know, in the before times–was the selection of Mondo merchandise available. From Marvel Cinematic Universe enamel pins, tiki mugs, and original art, there was always something new and cool to see.  Mondo has also consistently been one of the companies at the forefront of vinyl releases for video game soundtracks, and Marvel’s Avengers is the latest game to get a limited edition vinyl soundtrack. Preorders for the Marvel’s Avengers video game soundtrack vinyl preorder from Mondo may be right up your alley. With two variants releasing in October, you too can kick back from the Diablo-esque baddie bashing you’ll be doing with Hulk, Ms. Marvel, and the rest of the team, including Spider-Man himself in 2021 if you have a PlayStation.

The record itself comes in two different colored variants: Standard black and a spiffy red, yellow, and blue tri-color that hearkens to the colors of the three prime Avengers: Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America. Both versions come in the same slip sleeve cover with the game’s Avengers logo and an interior art spread showcasing the main Avengers team, but featuring Ms. Marvel in Hawkeye’s place. That’s fine, he was probably too busy in the woods or something, and will show up to help the team at a later date.

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The soundtrack by Bobby Tahouri is said to match the “epic” expectations placed on it by the massive property it supports. “Marvel’s Avengers allows you to take control of earth’s mightiest heroes in an all-new original playable story. Crafting original music for these iconic characters is no easy task, but Bobby Tahouri (Rise Of The Tomb Raider) has composed an epic, sweeping score deserving of the massive playable roster of Marvel heroes,” said Mondo. Both variant versions of the vinyl run $25 minus shipping costs and go out sometime in October. Designed to be updated with content, characters and story, it’s expected we’ll still be playing Marvel’s Avengers by that time, though only time will tell if the game survives the long haul plans in place once the game’s September 4 release date arrives.

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