Rumors Mount that Sony and Microsoft Will Reveal Next-Gen Console Prices This Month

Rumors are swirling yet again that Sony has another State of Play scheduled soon, and that both Sony and Microsoft will reveal the prices of their respective next-gen consoles this month.

This one comes from Kinda Funny’s Imran Khan, who said during the latest Kinda Funny Gamecast (via Wccftech):

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From what I’ve heard, they both have to talk about hardware this month – in terms of pricing, availability, and bla bla bla. I’ve also heard that – I don’t know if it’s this month or later – but they both do have more software to show. So whether, like, they do it now or before the launch or even after the launch. They both have things that are gonna be like ‘oh shit, I can’t believe they’re revealing that here.’ I expect Microsoft knows what deals they don’t have, so they know what to prepare for.

There’s more. They’re holding onto some things that I’m, like, really surprised they’re holding on to, and I wouldn’t be shocked if they showed them soon.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard that both companies are holding back some major announcements. Eurogamer’s Tom Phillips previously said that Sony still has some first-party and third-party projects to announce but the company “quite smartly” held the announcements back for a future event.

Speaking of events, VentureBeat’s Jeff Grub is back with an updated games industry event schedule on Twitter, hinting that there is indeed a State of Play scheduled for August.

Will we finally get a release date and price tags this month? Stay tuned to find out.

[Source: Kinda Funny via Wccftech]

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