Bridge of Spirits Developer Details PS5 Load Times, DualSense Features, and More

Developer Ember Lab provides more details on Kena: Bridge of Spirits such as PS5 load times, DualSense features, and more.

In a report from GameInformer, Kena: Bridge of Spirits developer Ember Lab provide more details on the upcoming game, including its PS5 load times and DualSense functionality.

One of the most impressive bits of news is it’ll only take roughly two seconds for Kena: Bridge of Spirits to load from the PS5’s menu. “They have a whole thing set up where you can do the transition and it’s very nice, but frankly it doesn’t have time to play the animation,” said Josh Grier, chief operating officer at Ember Lab. “It just loads the game so fast.”

With the DualSense controller, two main features Ember Lab is using are its haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. For those that don’t know, the haptic feedback offers more than the rumble feature in most controllers. As for adaptive triggers, they provide a more realistic experience such as adding tension when you’re aiming a bow and arrow. “The triggers on the DualSense controller have resistance on them, so we’re utilizing that for the heavy attacks, but also for the bow,” said Mike Grier, chief creative officer. “You draw it, and the way it sounds and the resistance feels like a bow tightening up.”

Another feature the PlayStation 5 provides developers is letting them display more characters on screen than ever before. For Kena: Bridge of Spirits, the game can display 100 Rot, which are creatures you’ll find throughout the world. If you’re playing the PlayStation 4 version, you’ll still be able to see the Rot, but each individual one will not be shown on screen.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits was announced during PlayStation’s Future of Gaming showcase in June. The game follows Kena, a woman who seeks to restore balance in an ancient village. If you own the PlayStation 4 version of the game, you’ll be able to get the PlayStation 5 version for free.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits releases later this year on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Epic Games Store.

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