Brutal Force Is The Upcoming Follow-up to Acclaimed Mod Brutal Doom

Brutal Force takes the extremely well-regarded Brutal Doom mod and turns it into its own, full game. The throwback shooter hits early access in early 2021.

Fans of the original FPS shooter Doom found themselves with a treasure trove of new content in 2012 when modder Marcos Abenante released Brutal Doom. The mod added a ridiculous amount of new content and features to the game and was widely praised as the best mod of the year. And now, Abenante is set to release his own original game with Brutal Fate. The game is a throwback to classic FPS games and looks phenomenal. Give the gameplay teaser a watch below to see it in action.

Brutal Force looks to pick up right where Brutal Doom left off. The game boasts “fast-pace ultra-violent” combat. Abenante showed a flair for making guns that feel great, and it doesn’t look like that’s stopping with this one. The list of weapons in your arsenal is both long and a bit ridiculous. Only in a follow-up to Brutal Doom would see both nukes and sharp sticks being used to murder enemies.

Speaking of bad dudes, Brutal Force claims “an entire circus” of different types to kill. Like in Doom proper, each enemy accounts for the weakness of another, which is why Abenante equates them to chess pieces. You’ll have to discover the best ways to tackle each group.

Brutal Force also gives players massive, non-linear levels to explore. Plus, you can even command troops to fight for you. And, of course, the game heavily supports mods. After all, Abenante wouldn’t be in this position without them. It’d feel a bit weird if they weren’t included.

Brutal Force is currently set to hit early access on Steam in January 2021. Abenante plans for the full release to hit in late 2021 or early 2022. However, that’s obviously just an estimate. Hopefully, it hits then, but that’s so far in the future, who knows?

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