Call of the Sea Gets New Trailer Featuring Developer Commentary

Call of the Sea’s newest trailer gives insight into its development.

When it was revealed at the Inside Xbox showcase last May, Call of the Sea turned some heads for being a narrative-based puzzle game, the type that seems to always be in high demand ever since the release of Portal. A new trailer for the game dropped this week for Gamescom 2020 and features some developer commentary that provides a little bit of background on what Call of the Sea has to offer.

In the video, Out of the Blue’s Tatiana Delgado explores the influence that H.P. Lovecraft had in Call of the Sea‘s production. She says:

“As you can see, although our game is heavily influenced by his tales, Call of the Sea is a twist on the traditional H.P. Lovecraft works. We’re trying to focus on the surreal and the oneiric more than the horrific and the grim. In short, Call of the Sea isn’t a descent into madness, but a rise to sanity; losing your mind makes you see a dreamlike, colorful world.”

Delgado puts major emphasis on the narrative portion of the game in a developer presentation video from the Future Games Show saying that while it is primarily a puzzle game, Out of the Blue wants the major focus to be on the narrative.

Voice actress Cissy Jones, best known for her roles in Firewatch and the Telltale Walking Dead games, plays the main character Norah, a woman who has traveled to the South Pacific in search of her missing husband to pick up the pieces and find out what happened to his mysterious expedition.

Despite being the first game for Madrid based developers Out of the Blue, Call of the Sea looks to be a promising first entry in the developer’s library.

For more on Call of the Sea make sure to check out the game’s website and stay on DualShockers for more updates.

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