Craftopia Early Access on Steam Will be Live September 4

Craftopia is a survival action game featuring any game system you could think of, and it’s launching in Early Access this week.

Pocket Pair announced on September 1 that Craftopia will launch in Early Access starting September 4, at 2100 JST (click here for a time conversion table). The game’s steam page is accessible here. The announcement tweet was bundled with some gameplay footage, though it’s the same as the launch trailer previously revealed:

Craftopia is a Doujin game, what we used to call Japanese indie games before “indie” games became cool with games like Braid and World of Goo. It was first revealed at the first Indie Live Expo event in June 2020. Craftopia is the dream project of four Japanese developers, who wished to make the game they always wanted to play, mixing inspirations, influences, and game systems from all their favorite works. Craftopia includes monster breeding, farming, randomly generated dungeons, skills, vehicles, character creation, online coop multiplayer, and many more systems. We detailed some of them through our past coverage.

Before its Early Access, Craftopia had a Closed Alpha Test in August, and many Japanese outlets wrote some reports about it, most notably Game Watch, Game Spark, and What’s in Tokyo.  You probably can’t read them, but that’s a huge collection of screenshots to look at if you can’t wait till September 4.

Unneeded Opinion:

Needless to say I’m against animal cruelty in real life, but I couldn’t care less when it’s in a comedic game like Craftopia. I’m definitely looking forward to trying out the game myself. The battle system definitely has a Breath of the Wild feel to it too. It’s ironic how everyone, myself included, called Genshin Impact a Zelda BOTW clone at first. But now, a game much closer to that, made by Japanese developers, is now upon us.

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