Crysis Remastered Will Have “Will It Run Crysis?” Graphics Mode on PC

Well, will it?

Back in 2007, Crytek released Crysis, a game similar to Far Cry in the sense that it’s set on a tropical island, but it boasted science-fiction elements. It was also an incredibly graphically demanding game that saw PC gamers asking the now-popular phrase, “Can it run Crysis?” Of course, since then more games have been graphically advanced, even seeing the new Microsoft Flight Simulator become the new benchmark. But it looks as if Crysis wants to take that crown back. Sort of.

In a tweet, the official Crysis account has revealed that the remastered version of the game due to be launching this month will have a PC exclusive graphical setting called “Can it Run Crysis?”. The new graphics mode will apparently demand “every last bit of your hardware” with unlimited settings. To go with the tweet is an official screenshot of the mode turned on.

As you can see, the draw distance seems to be insane, allowing you to see vegetation all the way into the distance with no quality loss. Speaking of vegetation, there’s a lot of it, and with the physics, that means you can shoot down a lot of trees. Volumetric clouds and fog, and rock textures also populate the image and…well, to be honest, it’s quite impressive. I’m certainly excited to see the game in action, and if I pick it up myself I’ll certainly be turning on this graphics mode to see how much performance it eats up.

I also like how the developer is using something that game is incredibly well-known for and making light of that while at the same time offering impressive-looking graphics for an old title.

Crysis Remastered is heading to PS4, Xbox One, and PC this month. Despite the graphics showcase above looking incredibly demanding, the game is currently available on the Nintendo Switch, and the other platforms were delayed due to leaked footage not impressing fans.

Crysis Remastered PC Graphics Mode

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