Deltarune Famitsu Message From Toby Fox, New Screenshots

Here’s everything Toby Fox said about Deltarune and its Chapter 2 in this week’s Famitsu magazine, alongside new screenshots.

As previously teased, this week’s Famitsu magazine had a feature for the 5th anniversary of Undertale, which included 2 pages focusing on Deltarune, the new game written by Toby Fox. In those pages, Toby Fox shared a development update on the game. Some new screenshots were shared as well.  You can find them below alongside all the details.

Toby Fox jokingly started by mentioning he wrote a really long report on Deltarune’s development, but shortened it for people who don’t have internet access and can’t buy Famitsu Magazine physically either. That way, they’ll still be able to read it quickly by window shopping. Here’s what he said:

Most of the Game Design work for all the Deltarune chapters is finished. Toby Fox also finished writing the 1st draft of all the dialogues during cutscenes.

Toby Fox said he started working on Deltarune Chapter 2 a few months ago and it’s going well. He hurt his wrist around 7 months ago but said to not worry, and a small team is helping him. And the development of Deltarune Chapter 2 is going faster than for Chapter 1.

Ending the message, Toby Fox wrote he’s confident the development of Deltarune will go smoothly. But even then, he has no idea how many more years it’ll take to finish the game. So he jokingly advised us to simply forget about him and Deltarune instead of constantly waiting. And when it’s done, Famitsu magazine will put it on its cover so everyone will immediately know. Only if Famitsu is okay with it though, since he didn’t ask yet.

Lastly, Toby Fox said he himself is the most hyped person for Deltarune‘s release.

Deltarune Famitsu screenshots:

For its 5th anniversary, Undertale will get a free OST concert stream. Toby Fox also teased on Twitter a little something for fans on the anniversary date, September 15:

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