EA Play and EA Play Pro Subscriptions Are Now Available on Steam

You can get access to EA games on a subscription through Steam now.

Earlier this year EA Play live took place digitally revealing a bunch of video games and announcements such as Apex Legends heading to the Nintendo Switch and even the announcement that Skate 4 is indeed happening. Something else that started happening around that time was that a bunch of EA games had started to arrive on Steam rather than being locked down to the EA Origin launcher. Now, the subscription service has also shifted over onto Steam.

Last month, it was revealed that EA Access and EA Origins, the two subscription tiers, would be rebranded to EA Play and EA Play Pro. Now, those on Steam can subscribe to the subscriptions directly through Steam rather than being exclusive to the Origin launcher.

Those who sign up will basically get access to the selected EA titles. If you want to purchase a game to own while on the subscriptions you’ll get a 10% discount for those games on Steam only, meaning you can’t carry the 10% over to Origin for example. Additionally, there are exclusive in-game challenges and rewards and access to exclusive content.

It’s also noted that some titles, even if available through Steam, may require access to the Origin launcher. At the moment, Steam has quite a large selection of games such as Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, The Sims 4, Need for Speed: Heat Rocket Arena, Mass Effect, and more.

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