Fall Guys New Midseason Update is Now In Effect

Say hello to the newest Fall Guys midseason update, adding a little more spice ahead of the bigger Season 2 update coming in October.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been one of the biggest hits of the year, amassing over 26,000,000 total players as of September 6, according to Gamstat. This morning, a video posted on the official PlayStation YouTube channel revealed that Fall Guys would be getting a new midseason update to keep all returning players on their toes.

The announcement trailer shows off remixed versions of old levels as well as the “Big Yeetus”, a giant swinging hammer that offers players the chance to test their luck. Will they be launched all the way across the level closer to the goal or will they be sent straight down into the slime below? Only the Big Yeetus knows.

This midseason update comes on the heels of another Fall Guys announcement: the announcement at Gamescom Opening Night Live of Fall Guys Season 2. According to the countdown clock on the game’s main menu, Season 2 is set to launch October 6 and will be taking on a medieval theme.

The remixed levels are important to have in a game like Fall Guys because once each level is mastered, some players log out and never come back, because the challenge has seemingly disappeared. By changing which ways the giant wrecking balls are swinging or by replacing static foam arms with rotating hammers, the game is different enough for players to hop back in and discover the challenge all over again.

The Fall Guys midseason update is in effect as of today as well as an update for accessibility, according to their twitter account, that allows buttons to be remapped for people playing the PC version of the game.

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