Fall Guys Player Receives Instant Karma for Knocking Others off the Platform

Check out how this Fall Guys player got their just desserts after knocking all other players out of the game.

No one likes an asshole, whether it’s in video games or real life and if you’ve been gaming for a time, you will have most certainly come across a few of them. There’s probably nothing worse than trying to achieve a goal in a game but some moron decides to ruin it for you – maybe making you rage, throw your controller or say mean things to your cat. Although many developers are doing their best to implement anti-cheating systems within the games they create, unfortunately, there’s not a lot that can be done if someone wants to get in your way like this pain in the ass from Mediatonic’s Fall Guys. Thankfully, karma has a way of turning things around and getting its own back. (rubs hands and laughs evilly)

Just as a side note before I begin: I’ve only played Fall Guys a few times so if there’s a name for these outfits, I apologize if I don’t know the correct names of them but I’ll just say it how I see it and leave the correctness to you guys. As we can see from the beginning of the gameplay video posted by Reddit user Lekakeny, the tomato Fall Guy tries and fails to push another contender off the platform leaving him to ponder what to do next about this injustice. In the next scene, the tomato guy is back and this time they have a plan to guard the finish line as if they couldn’t cross it, no one will. (queue dramatic music)

[Fall Guys] [Video] Karma at its finest from r/PS4

As they begin to push every last person away from the final destination by grabbing them and flinging them off, along comes a cheeky and determined Pineapple Fall Guy sick and tired of this tomato’s nonsense. Finally grabbing them and knocking them over the edge, Pineapple guy defects the evil tomato idiot and saves the day. This is what happens when you don’t play nice and ruin the game for others. Also don’t mess with Pineapple’s – they may be tasty, fruity, and possibly good (not) on pizza, but they’re deadly when on the edge and pushed too far. This is 2020 after all.

As we all know, Fall Guys devs are always listening to their players and after hearing the pleas of many who want something different added to the game, they’ve decided on what they can do to make an impact on Fall Guys: a giant spinning hammer and Big Yeetus is its name. We have also seen over the last few weeks that the Fall Guys Twitter account had been organising a Special Effect charity event that included companies, content creators and more taking their turn to place bids in the hopes of getting their very own Fall Guys skin. Raising a total of $1,000,000 for the incredible charity who work with developers to create specialised game control devices as well as make their games more accessible, Ninja, MrBeast, and G2 Esports recieved the winning bid at $250k.

If you were keeping an eye on Gamecom last week, you will have seen that Fall Guys announced what they had planned for season two of their popular free-to-play game. Season 2 is set to be themed around the medieval era showcasing games that will require players to move platforms around to climb castle walls, cross drawbridges, and dodge swinging axes just to name a few. New costumes will seemingly include a dragon, witch, knight, and more. The team at Mediatonic explained in the announcement video that they are still working on the finishing touches and that season 2 will release sometime in October.


Not that this will come as a surprise to many who are already head over heels in love with the title but Fall Guys has become the most downloadable PlayStation Plus game ever. The news came from the Fall Guys offical Twitter account announcing that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has become the most downloaded PS Plus game of all time, overtaking the likes of  Uncharted: The Nathan Drake CollectionCall of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered and Batman: Arkham Knight. Due to the game being free to play on PlayStation and also being able to play with your friends more often now with lockdown happening, Fall Guys has done really well for itself straight out of the gate. Within its first week or two, Fall Guys single handedly reached well over 2,000,000 sales on Steamand in the process became Devolver Digital’s biggest launch in history in the process.

At the end of last month, Fall Guys Lead Designer Joe Walsh discussed a number of plans he had lined up for the game. While talking to Gary Whitta who created the hit show Animal Talking, a talk show which all takes place in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Joe chatted about how the team wants to incorporate an anti-cheat system, adding new accessibility options including a colorblind mode and cross-platform capability and also custom servers so people can host tournaments.

If you would like to hear how Fall Guys was pitched and subsequently reached the success it see’s itself in now, check out this extensive thread for Jeff Tanton, Creative Director at Mediatonic.

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