Fall Guys Should Have A Mode That Removes Team Games

With only one person being able to win a show of Fall Guys, I don’t want to rely on strangers to win in a competitive game.

Fall Guys is one of the first competitive multiplayer titles I plan on keeping up with in quite some time. I’m still experiencing technical issues relatively often, but it is a unique take on the battle royale genre that is easy to hop into and play with friends. There is a solid variety in games despite some being much more fun than others, specifically, the team games.

I have only obtained the coveted crown once, however, I have begun to notice an ongoing trend with my many, many losses; team games. Now don’t get me wrong, there are some team games that I really enjoy in general like Egg Scramble and Hoopsie Daisy, but at the end of the day, I don’t want to lose because of something I do not have direct control of.

The goal in Fall Guys is to be the last Fall Guy standing, but when you have to rely on players that you can’t communicate with, it hurts itself as a competitive game. Granted, this is a title for all ages where not everyone is focusing on the competitiveness, and we aren’t going to see Fall Guys turn into an esports title. But with it being approachable for a vast majority of players, there is an opportunity to have numerous mode options, especially when it comes to team games.

Not only are team games frustrating due to having to rely on other people in a “last man standing” environment, but another issue is that overall, most of the team games just aren’t very fun. Some like Fall Ball go on for way too long. Team Tail Tag and Royal Fumble have the notorious “tail issue” that the community has continuously brought to light. Outside of one or two team games, I always end up groaning whenever I see one pop up as the next round.

Fall Guys

As far as I’m aware, the potential games that are chosen in each round are based on how many players are still in the game, so removing team games wouldn’t ruin the flow of game selection. The one potential issue I see with not having team games is the number of games available to play. There are currently 25 mini-games in Fall Guys, with 7 of them being team games. With only 18 games on the roster, you could potentially play through all of them as early as 3 games if they all went to round 6. That could cause the replay value to go down with players getting bored more quickly. Despite my grievances, it might be more ideal to implement a “teamless mode” farther down the line once more mini-games are incorporated; but again, this is an additional mode on top of what we already have. I just want more options.

I understand that the charm of team games is being able to play with the friends you group up with, but honestly, I have more fun competing in a free for all and end up supporting them if I ever get eliminated. You can still have fun playing with a party with no team games being in the picture.

Fall Guys

Fall Guys Season 2 is coming next month with new medieval-themed games alongside it, likely adding new team games to boot. Naturally, as the game continues and more and more mini-games are being added, things may change and team games will be less of a drag. But as of now, we don’t know if games will cycle in and out every season or if they will just go to a pool that will get bigger and bigger as the months or years go on.

In reality, I don’t see developer Mediatonic adding a mode that doesn’t have team games in it, but I still hope they do. The team at Mediatonic has been transparent with updating the game and has already made fixes to the team games after only being out for a month. I don’t doubt the possibilities of new modes, but being a small team and many other plans already in the works, I don’t think we will see it anytime soon. While Fall Guys is friendly towards kids, teens, and adults, having different modes would add more variety and more competitiveness for those who are itching for that experience, and I hope that starts with tweaking how team games are implemented.

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