Fortnite Turns RTX On, Ray Tracing and DLSS Are Coming Soon

Fortnite joins the list of games who have flipped the RTX switch to on. The game will soon support both ray tracing and DLSS.

Today has been quite the busy day for Nvidia. The leading GPU manufacturer officially announced the 30 series of graphics processors and gave us a great look at a few games in action. Fortnite was one of those games, showing off improved water and reflections. While it might not seem super groundbreaking just from watching, ray tracing and DLSS support should improve Epic’s cash cow greatly. Give the trailer a look below.

Ray tracing in Fortnite is probably going to be the thing most people are talking about. The tech does a ton in terms of lighting and reflections. If you want to see how drastically it can change the look of a game, I still think the Minecraft showcase is one of the best demos for the tech. That said, DLSS might end up being the bigger deal here.

DLSS (deep learning super sampling) uses the power of AI to improve frame rates. For a game like Fortnite, that’s more important than pretty water. Plus, improvements in DLSS will make it easier for players to use ray tracing in a competitive game like Fortnite.

Fortnite will also be one of the first games to support Nvidia Reflex. This feature will let players better fine-tune their system to increase responsiveness. It will likely be something that’s mostly used by the more hardcore audience. That said, it should help you get the most out of your new 30 series card.

Fortnite is available now pretty much everywhere, though these improvements are, obviously, only on PC. The 30 series starts dropping on September 17 with the 3080. The 3070 hits on September 24 and the 3090 is coming in October.

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