Ghost of Tsushima Fan Art Illustrates Yuna and Taka Looking Absolutely Adorable

Check out this utterly charming drawing of Yuna and Taka from Ghost of Tsushima.

Ghost of Tsushima is an art lovers paradise. With its rich and incredible picture-postcard vistas of valleys and mountains, it is for sure to attract the attention of the creative world whether that’s through the game’s built-in photo mode or on paper. We’ve already seen London based illustrator and designed Adam Spizak encapsulate the samurai Jin in the most impressive and stunning way as seen in his latest work but today, we take a look at this incredibly cute drawing of brother and sister Yuna and Taka from Ghost of Tsushima.

For those who aren’t too familiar with these characters from the game, Taka is a supporting character in Ghost of Tsushima and who is also a blacksmith, making Jin Sakai the iron grappling hook he needed to scale the walls of Castle Kaneda. Yuna is the deuteragonist of the game who helps Jin Sakai’s fight against the Mongol forces on Tsushima. After finding Jin almost at death’s door from his participation in the Battle of Komoda Beach, Yuna rescues Jin and brings him back to health where they both end up helping Jin on his journey as well as saving her brother Taka who was taken by the Mongols.


Twitter user and artist Omed Hani – who lives in the north of Iraq, Kurdistan – encapsulates the brother and sister relationship between Taka and Yuna in such an adorable way you can’t help but smile. We see Yuna on the ground, cross-legged and making arrows in preparation for her next battle but in the background, you’ll notice Taka sneaking up on Yuna with some flowers, placing one in Yuna’s hair. This would be a fantastic piece of art to hang on the wall if you’re a Ghost of Tsushima fan and also it’s quite a unique concept because we are usually more exposed to Jin’s fighting scenes rather than seeing the more peaceful and playful side to the game.

To see more of Omed’s work, head over to their DeviantArt or give them a follow on Twitter to see what they are up to next.

In some other Ghost of Tsushima news, new accessibility options and a new mode, as well as some general bug fixes have allowed players to enjoy the game even more – not to mention the upcoming Ghost of Tsushima: Legends which is a new co-op multiplayer for the title. We’ve also seen the actor Earl T. Kim who plays the role of Norio in Ghost of Tsushima get a little emotional when he spots himself in the game. While streaming the game Kim called out “Look at that dummy! Look at that weirdo bowing.” after taking it all in, Kim emotionally replied, “I’m sorry you guys, this is really cool”.

If you want to purchase the game through Amazon, you can do so here. and if you need another opinion then read our very favorable review here. You can also check out this editorial on the five Samurai movies to watch before you play the game for yourself.

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