Heaven’s Feel Pazudora Collab Event Revealed With Rider and More

Celebrating the release of the third Heaven’s Feel movie, Fate/stay night is back in Pazudora with new artwork for Shiro, Rin, Rider and more.

GungHo announced on September 9 a Fate/stay night Heaven’s Feel collab event in Puzzle & Dragons. In the next few days, an event adding multiple Fate characters will be happening. Some of the Fate characters added in the previous Pazudora collab will also receive a new evolution to match their appearance in Heaven’s Feel.

This is the second Pazudora x FSN Heaven’s Feel collaboration and will add a new version of Shiro Emiya, recreating a certain iconic scene in the route. A new evolution for Rin Tohsaka will be coming, and a new evolution for Rider as well, both with a new artwork. Besides Shiro, Rin and Rider, more characters are coming. They will be revealed on September 10, as announced by the official Pazudora Twitter:

We’ll be updating this article then. Meanwhile you can find the artwork revealed so far right below.

Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel III. spring song released in Japanese theaters on August 15 , though avant-premières happened in the world before then. The movie was also simultaneously released in certain french theaters, since we’ve been into anime things way longer than USA.

Pazudora first launched in February 2012 and is pretty much the game that really got the mobile gacha market going in Japan. Over the years, the puzzle game had collaboration events with nearly every notorious anime game franchise in Japan.

Fate/stay night is incredibly popular nowadays as well thanks to its mobile game Fate/Grand Order. Recently an artbook for the 15h anniversary of the franchise was published as well.

Type-Moon Studio BB also recently announced a remake for Fate/Extra, be sure to check it out.

Update: The additional characters were revealed. We have Zouken Matou, Kirei Kotomine, and Sakura Matou:

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