Here’s How Recruiting Londoners Works in Watch Dogs: Legion

Getting your team of grandparents and hackers together in Watch Dogs: Legion won’t be that hard

Watch Dogs: Legion has made it excruciatingly clear that you can recruit anyone you see on the streets of London to your cause, DedSec. But exactly how will players go about doing that? A new trailer for the game details the recruitment process and delves into what makes each recruit unique.

Let’s get this out of the way first – recruiting a Londoner isn’t as simple as walking up to them and saying “hey, come have a pint with me and my club, we hate the government and have skull masks.” Players will have to convince them to join, apparently by completing a simple quest. The trailer gives a few examples; someone’s friend has gone missing and you have to find them, a gang is terrifying a particular area, or the government is acting all big brother-y again. Solve their problems and you’ll have a fresh-faced recruit.

Of course, recruiting someone is just the beginning. Each character has their own role or class. Some are more action movie cliches, like getaway drivers, hackers or assassins, while others are the folks you pass by every day. Regardless of their profession, they all get three special abilities that make playing as that character somewhat unique. Getaway drivers for instance, have a custom, suped-up car, are immune to car-chase drones and can hack other vehicles to get out of the way during a chase.

But not all recruits are made equal. Some are more legendary and only appear in certain places. The trailer shows off one such unique recruit: a robotic beekeeper. She can sick a swarm of robo-bees on enemies and is armed with an electric weapon.

As cool as that sounds, you certainly won’t want to solely play as a robotic beekeeper. Each recruit has their strengths and weaknesses, situations where their abilities offer advantages or disadvantages. Say there’s a mission where you’ll have to rush across rooftops, you certainly won’t want to bring your elderly grandmother recruit along for that one.

Watch Dogs: Legion is set to launch on PS4, Xbox One, Stadia and PC October 29, with Xbox Series X and S versions available November 10.

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