John Carmack Seems to Hope That He’ll be Able to Work With Some of His Old Games Again After Bethesda Acquisition

John Carmack might be looking to become involved with his old id Software properties now that ZeniMax Media no longer owns the studio he helped found.

It’s no secret that John Carmack and former Bethesda owner, ZeniMax Media, had a pretty messy divorce. When the latter company purchased id Software, the studio that Carmack helped found, back in 2009, the situation ended up going south a few years later once Carmack moved on to work at Oculus. After multiple lawsuits came about between both Carmack and ZeniMax, it seemed as though the likelihood of the famed game developer ever being tied to id Software once again in any capacity was all but dead. That is, until yesterday.

Following the news that Microsoft would be purchasing ZeniMax Media, Carmack seemed to be quite pleased with the development. Over on Twitter, Carmack said that he thought the news was “Great!” and went on to praised Microsoft for being a “good parent company for gaming IPs”. He then, interestingly, said that he hopes the move could allow him to potentially “re-engage” on some older titles that he used to work on assuming that no on has “a grudge against me.”

Carmack does seem legitimately happy about this move, but the likelihood of the famed dev ever working on future id Software titles does seem to be a tall task at the moment. Given the fact that Carmack is still somewhat heavily-involved with Oculus and likely won’t be leaving in a full capacity, the only way in which I could see this partnership coming about is if he left the VR company. Then again, perhaps Carmack could find a way to work on some of his older games in a VR capacity, even if this does seem more unlikely.

Regardless, hey, I’d be down to see what Carmack could bring to the table in 2020 when it comes to properties like DOOM or Quake. I’m absolutely down for this to become reality.

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