Latest Horizon Zero Dawn PC Patch Further Addresses Crashes

Horizon Zero Dawn continues to receive patches on PC to address the game’s performance issues, showing Guerrilla Games is committed to fans.

Since launching on PC in August, Horizon Zero Dawn has seen several patches to address several performance issues players have been having. Moving to an open platform was always going to introduce issues like these. After all, it’s near-impossible to account for every type of PC configuration. Doubly so when working in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. That said, you have to respect how hard the team at Guerrilla Games is working to deliver a quality product for everyone.

While this patch continues the team’s focus on cleaning up Horizon Zero Dawn‘s technical issues, that’s not all that’s been updated. The team has also provided several improvements to other areas. HDR has been tinkered with. Mouse controls and aiming received fixes. They’ve even done some work on cutscenes, among other things.

That said, the crash and performance problems are at the forefront. Of course, not everything is working as intended, but it’s slowly getting there. In this update alone, the team has fixed ten different crash issues. So, while there is still work to be done, Guerrilla has more than demonstrated that they’ll get it done.

Horizon Zero Dawn is available now on PC and PS4. The PC version looks absolutely stunning. If it doesn’t have you excited for what Horizon Forbidden West will look like on PS5, I’m not sure what will. Of course, that game isn’t coming until next year. However, that won’t stop fans from dreaming about what Guerrilla’s sequel can be. Hopefully, we see more by the end of the year.

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